Saturday, March 23, 2013

Philippines | Banaue, Ifugao

riding atop a Philippine jeepney in Banaue

This was merely a transit destination for the group. For this particular weekend, I wanted to get away with new friends for my birthday (without them knowing it was). A remote destination was ideal. And, a trip to Batad in Banaue was perfect. 

I was first asked if I wanted to climb mount Pulag for this particular weekend, and I just jumped right in. I asked other friends, and their friends, and viola.. a group was formed. We found an outfitter to help us organize this trip, met once or twice beforehand to get acquainted, and decided to trek Batad instead as it was visited by less people.  

We hopped on an Ohayami Trans (Banaue local) bus one Friday night that brought us to Banaue in about 9 hours. I can easily sleep in bus trips, I'm used to it, so it was a no fuss ride for me in spite of the long hours. As we got off, we spent the morning with a bit of breakfast and a visit to the market for some fresh greens and some other ingredients to cook in our stay in Batad. Afterwards, we hired a jeepney to take us to Batad, from where we trekked for about 45 mins to reach our destination! Pictures of Batad will be posted later on. In the mean time, here are those from our morning in the market and riding atop a jeepney in Banaue:

ongoing construction near the Banaue market

Diana from Germany with our cups of instant coffee

our journey atop a jeepney had begun

panorama shot from the jeepney top by Diana

Over here for my photos of Batad.

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