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There are so many things I want to do that's related to travel. I want to sky-dive. I want to eat exotic food. I want to surf, dive and climb. I want to be lost, and wander aimlessly and without pressure. I want to explore urban and rural, known and exotic, high and deep places alike. I want to meet strangers, exchange stories with and learn from them. For these reasons and more, I try as much as I can to use every bit of my time off work and certain obligations to explore any place I haven't been to.

I was born and am currently based in Manila, the busy capital of the beautiful islands of the Philippines. I used to dance and had gone through various disciplines of it growing up. I was into a lot of sports, too - the graceful and rough ones alike.

I was formerly a volunteer in India and in so far a very few organizations in the Philippines. Currently, I'm a public servant with a few hobbies and ambitions; most of which I believe lead me to achieve my ultimate ambition to see the world!

I'm a firm believer that the world is the best teacher there is. And, everything I put into every travel pays off in building a wiser, bigger and better me.

Travel is an investment. "Travel is the only thing you pay for that makes you richer." And what is wealth if you won't share it, right?

More to this being a way for me to give back and to make a personal account, or journal if you will, of my travels (because I am very forgetful), I hope that this will serve as an inspiration for anyone reading this to go find the next adventure, big or small, wherever in the world it may be.


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